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On the Scales

Weight Loss

It’s possible to lose up to ONE POUND OF FAT PER DAY without drugs or surgery. Schedule your free, no obligation appointment today and let us give you the body and health you've always dreamed of!


All parts of the human body require proper nerve energy and a flow of information in order to function properly. If left uncorrected, a spinal misalignment can interrupt this internal communication system and cause numerous health issues and lifelong pain. 

Success Stories

"Thanks to the support from WCW I’m at the lowest weight of my adult life. I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for over 16 years, but I wasn’t walking the walk. Dr. Brennan and his staff offered a structured program and daily encouragement. Having WCW in my corner helped me stay motivated and accountable, which was priceless."


At West Cary Wellness, we have been helping our patients reach their health goals since 2004. 

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Our mission is to re-train our patients and equip them with truth about what the body needs–as compared to what society currently says we should give it–and how to apply those truths to help heal from the inside out.

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> Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that correcting the body's structural integrity, while important to overall wellbeing, is only one part of the puzzle in achieving optimal health. Nutrition and exercise are also key pieces to producing a healthy, well-functioning body. 

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