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Learn what our patients are saying about us

Patient Success Stories


Chapel Hill, NC

Lost 57 Pounds!*

*Results not typical

Thanks to the support from WCW I’m at the lowest weight of my adult life. I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for over 16 years, but I wasn’t walking the walk. Dr. Brennan and his staff offered a structured program and daily encouragement. Having WCW in my corner helped me stay motivated and accountable, which was priceless. I lost a total of 47+ pounds!

(10 prior to starting the program for a grand total of 57!!)


Apex, NC

Lost 44 Pounds!*

*Results not typical

All of my life I’ve had issues with my weight. I’ve always been a competitive athlete with a solid build, so I thought that I could never be smaller than a size 10. I had tried everything from shakes to cabbage soup to no avail. I had honestly given up and accepted that I’d be a permanent solid woman. With this program, I saw my body do what I thought was impossible, become smaller. I’m the smallest I have ever been, a size 6! I look great and feel amazing.

This program is a life changer.


Raleigh, NC

Lost 88 Pounds!*

*Results not typical

I lost 88 pounds!

This program isn’t about dieting, it’s about being a healthier you.


Raleigh, NC

Lost 80 Pounds!*

*Results not typical


Cary, NC

Lost 35 Pounds!*

*Results not typical


Raleigh, NC

Lost 40 Pounds!*

*Results not typical


Cary, NC

Lost 27 Pounds!*

*Results not typical

I was ready to become healthy and at age 39 I was unsure of how I could achieve that after changing my eating philosophy with the help of West Cary wellness I have never felt better currently I sleep better have more energy and feel physically great and love how I look today and I have lost 27 pounds and a total of 22.5 inches I am now working towards a few more pounds of weight loss and toning my new body.

If you have those skinny jeans in your closet keep them start this program and you will You too will wear them again.


Raleigh, NC

Lost 41 Pounds!*

*Results not typical


Raleigh, NC

Lost 22 Pounds!*

*Results not typical

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